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Local SG Girls

A Young Local Chinese lady. Was briefly represented and now exclusive to the agency. Petite, slim and slender figure, coupled with a accommodating & warm personality. It is tough of a gentleman not to be drawn towards Jess's lovely dimples and smiles. Be pleasantly surprised.

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A Young Local Chinese lady. Was briefly represented and now exclusive to the agency. A sensual and charming lady in which Naomi is also well groomed, sophisticated and articulate. Her warmth, friendliness and beauty presses all the right buttons. One would be proud to be seen with her around as she is a definite head turner. Stop Press!

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A Young Local Chinese Indian Mixed Lady. Not new to the scene and now exclusive to the agency. Blessed with nice sunkist skin tone, Clarice fits the bill of a health campaign ambassador for her toned and athletic physique. A petite and slender figure with a touch of womanly class and brains makes Clarice a popular choice for any discerning gentlemen.

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A Young Local Malay Lady. Came into this scene recently and is now part of the gem collection to the agency. Lolita is a curvy sweetheart who is well groomed, articulate and smart. This vibrant lovely lady has a sweet and lively personality that will be sure to charm gentlemen time and time again.

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A Local Malay Lady. Was briefly represented and now exclusive with the agency. A petite lady with curves at the right places, makes her even more attractive. Anna is soft spoken and a lady of poise. Her persona reminds gentlemen of their puppy love during school days. And her winning factors are her warm loving personality and her lovely smiles that woo hearts of many.

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A Young Local Persian Lady. 100% new to the scene and exclusive to the agency. Blessed with exotic features, curvy Natalia is a naturally gorgeous young lady whose looks and sensuality will intoxicate the gentlemen. Natalia is also as graceful as a gazelle; she carries herself well and her confidence is alluring and yet her naughtiness is set to intrigue further.

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A Young Local Malay Lady. Barely two months into the scene. At first impression, Sara may appear to be shy, however this demure lady has a friendly and playful personality that will spark the chemistry in no time. Gentlemen will feel that Sara is alike to an old lover that leave traces of lingering memories from time to time.

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A Young Local Malay Lady. Was in the scene 2 years back and now exclusive with the agency. It is not quite possible to take eyes off Vanessa. She is not only tall and slim, she is also easy going, very warmhearted and delightfully sensual. Vanessa makes a versatile companion for any social occasions and/or just purely spending private moments together.

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A Matured Local Indian Lady. 100% new to the scene and exclusive to the agency. Monica is not the common lady that gentlemen will get to meet often. Her womanly and demure persona adds more shine on her overall impression as Monica is also articulate, well traveled and a good conversationalist. She is 'the' the vintage wine, the more matured, the more appreciative.

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A Young Local Chinese Lady. An exquisite addition to the agency. Charming, vivacious and poised, Giselle is everything  that a gentleman is looking for in a good companionship. This stunning young lady is full of vitality, but that is only one facet of her. Giselle has a wonderful personality in which it will delight you the longer you spend in her company.

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A Young Local Chinese Lady. Not new to the scene. She is now back after a breather and now exclusive with the agency. Her petite, slender figure and cutie face is only the icing on the cake; Apple has a sparkling personality to keep gentlemen enthralled and leaving traces of lingering memories.

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A Young Malay Local Girl. 100% new to the scene and exclusive with the agency. A plus sized lady. Cherry is friendly, accommodating and down-to-earth. Her winning appeal to gentlemen has to her lovely smiles, her tinge of wits and warm charisma.

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A Young Local Chinese Lady. Not new to the scene. With her raven black hair, smooth skin and alluring sweetheart features, Cheryl is one that will set hearts melting. She is keen, smart and very intuitive about showing gentlemen a good time! Cheryl is a indeed a perfect choice of a Sweet Young Thing.

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A Young Local Indian Malay Mixed Lady. 100% New to the scene and exclusive to the agency. Janet is proof that finest things in life comes n small packages. Sleek, sexy and passionate. This young lady is the embodiment of charm, an interesting and sensual companion for discerning gentlemen.

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A Local Matured Malay Lady. 100% New to the scene and exclusive to the agency. Sultry, vivacious and poised, Lisa is a complete equation for a woman. Her well endowed figure is the envy of many women, not forgetting her warm personality in which it will delight gentlemen even longer with the time spend in Lisa's company.

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A Young Local Chinese Lady. 100% new to the scene and exclusive to the agency. Bouncing back to the scene with more curves but the same old beautiful personality. Chloe is a young and inspiring fashion blogger cum entrepreneur. Full of zest, fun loving and oozing with sensuality with a tinge of sweetness that lingers on.

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A Young Local Chinese Lady. Not new to the scene. A model cum events babe in Taiwan. Blessed with smooth complexion and an ultra outgoing personality. Candy is a spontaneous and optimistically stylish young lady in which gentlemen would be happy to show off to colleagues or to keep all to themselves.

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A Local Chinese Lady. Exclusive with the agency. Karen has the towering height, beautiful smooth skin and toned figure that makes her a sight to savor. It is not just Karen's natural beauty that makes an impact-this passionate lady is a true romantic at the heart, possibly the loveliest and sexiest rendezvous gentlemen could dream of.

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A Young Local Indian Arab mixed lady. Not new to the scene. Was briefly represented a year back and now exclusive to the agency. Niki is as flawless as her photos; her silky hair and slim yet petite body are a pure perfection. Kawaii personality with big aspirations in life, Niki is a young beauty with brains for sure.

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A Young Local Malay Lady. Not new in the scene and now exclusive to the agency. In person, Lina is friendly, accommodating and not forgetting her dazzling smile. There is a down to earth sensuality to her in which it is simply seductive. There is never a dull moment when in the company of this warm personality lady.

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A Matured Local PR Indian Lady. 100% new to the scene and exclusive to the agency. This vivacious, spirited and gregarious lady is a force of nature. Blessed with a towering height and smooth skin, she is absolutely well maintained. In her own words, Veron embraces life, love to laugh; a truly work hard and play hard mentality.

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A Young Local Malay Lady. Not new to the scene. Melissa has the glamor and sensuality to fuel many daydreams..if you are looking for a young, slender and petite with smooth skin complexion, sparkling eyes and sexy but yet welcoming smile then Melissa is the perfect choice.

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A Young Local Malay lady. 100% New in the scene and exclusive to the agency. This young lady has a striking beauty that is all natural and just as good in person. Everything from Yasmine's big eyes to her beautiful smiles to her toned, slim yet curvy physique is simply captivating to the eyes of gentlemen.

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A Young Local Malay lady. Was briefly represented for less than 3 weeks and now exclusive with the agency. Melody is slim, taut and toned. She has a good sense of fun, charm, easy going personality and friendless that have gentlemen to feel much at ease. Not forgetting her sun kissed complexion and captivating smiles.

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A Young Local Chinese Lady. Was briefly represented before and now exclusive with the agency. Blessed with smooth and youthful complexion. Mikko has a plus sized voluptuous figure, cute features especially when she laugh as well as a warm sensuality that emanates from within that will have gentlemen be at ease with a snap of fingers.

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A Local Arab Mixed Indian Girl. Slim, demure and tallish. She is not new to the scene. Nico is blessed with sharp exotic features, deep set eyes and a beautiful smile. Her accommodating and yet playful personality, is a sure hit for discerning gentlemen.

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A Local Chinese Lady. Not new in this scene. A top GFE scorer whose slim, slender, petite body frame and proportionate curves that will potentially drives gentlemen to distraction.

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A Young Local Chinese Lady. Not new to the scene. An absolute SYT with a tinge of mischief in her and definitely oozing with sweetness. Adorable and a sweetheart that gentlemen would see themselves showering her with loads of tender loving care.

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A Young Local Malay Lady. 100% new and exclusive to the agency. Slim and slender figure with a naughty tinge of seductiveness and sultriness. Hot young lady that scores high on GFE and GND. An absolute 'must-not-miss'..

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A Young Local Chinese Lady. 100% new to the scene and exclusive to the agency. A fine demure lady with poise and intelligence. Slender and tall with beautiful features to compliment her smooth skin complexion. This lady will embrace any gentlemen with her passionate romancing ways and a high GFE scorer, that is almost irresistible.

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A Young Local Malay/Indian with Portuguese Mixed Lady. 100% new and exclusive to the agency. Blessed with beautiful exotic features, especially her eyes, her sexy coy smile and her curvaceous figure. A smart conversationalist that capture any gentleman's heart or attention in no time.

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A Matured Local Chinese Lady. Not new to the scene. She is one lady that emits strong self confidence, brainy and sensual personality. Witty, speaks with zest and can conduct intelligent conversations. Exotic looks coupled with a dazzling smile that melt the heart of any gentlemen.

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A Young Local Malay Lady. 100% to the scene and exclusive to the agency. Gentle and yet passionate. Outstanding from the crowd in her sunkist tanned skin tone, beautiful smile and a pair of laughing eyes. This is exactly how this lady will come across to any gentlemen who is looking forward to have some quality companionship time.

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A Matured Local Chinese Lady. Not new in the scene. At a towering height that complimented her Plus Sized full and curvy figure. Demure and womanly. Being a experienced lady, she has her unique ways of pampering and winning gentleman's hearts with her trained skills that awaits discovery.

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A Young Local Indian Chinese Mixed Lady. Was in this scene briefly several years back and now exclusive with the agency. At a towering height, she is one lady with a more fuller body with nice curves at the right places . Her coy smiles are especially alluring. Another high GFE and yet brainy lady that gentlemen don't wanna miss out.

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A Young Local Malay Lady. 100% new to the scene and exclusive to the agency. This lady represent a couple of 'S' - Slim, Slender, Sexy, Sultry, Sensual as well as Street-Smart. She bag it all effortlessly. She is set to be the next hardcore addiction in this agency to gentlemen out there.

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A Young Local Malay Lady. Bouncing back to the scene after her retirement several years back. Sophia is now exclusive with the agency. Slim, curvy and petite lady that oozes sensuality and omits confidence that can potentially capture any gentleman's heart at a snap of fingers.

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A Young Local Chinese Lady. Former cabin crew. Burst into the scene several years back and now exclusive with the agency. Felicia is back from a hiatus with a well trimmed voluptuous body to kill and yet the warm bubbly personality remains.

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A Young Local Indian Girl. 100% new to the scene. Warmhearted and motivated Plus Sized lady. She manifest clearly a demure and womanly but yet fun loving characteristics that is rare these days.

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A Young Local Malay Mixed Eurasian Girl. 100% New in the scene. Just passed 21 years old. ULTRA PLUS SIZED cutey cutey girl. Warm at heart and shy, after-all she is still young and new to this.

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A Local Chinese Lady. Not New in the scene. A former club mamasan. An outspoken lady in which her effective PR skills can engage with gentlemen from all levels. Her lively and unique character makes her outstanding from others.

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A Local Malay Girl. Not new in the scene. Her lively and bubbly personality will break ice in no time. Her petite frame coupled with nice contours and her heart melting smile is a deadly concoction.

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A Local North Indian Girl. 100% New to the scene. Her well endowed figure, fair skin with sharp facial features and BIG eyes can ELECTRIFY you. Smart and witty, she will not bore you and her lively character will lift your spirits.

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A Matured Local Chinese Lady. 100% New to the scene and exclusive to the agency. A simple and down-to-earth lady that any gentleman can connect to at anytime. She can be a fulfillment towards your fantasy for a female relative. A must see and must not miss for Milf lovers.

See Her Details >>>

A Matured Local Indian Lady. 100% New to the scene. Back from a hiatus with the same surprisingly sporting and happy-go-lucky personality or even more. Her vibes is something MILF lovers should not miss, she does have a set of special skills, you might not want to let her go.

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Booking Procedures
  • Our official business hours are from 12 Noon to 12 Midnight, Monday to Sunday. For late night bookings please make your arrangements with us early
  • Please note that all bookings will require minimum 1 hour lead time.
  • For the first booking, please text your complete info: Name, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity and Industry that you are in to +65 8505 2323. Do take your time to be as precise as you can and text me more of yourself so that we may understand you better. Of course, you may also call to chat.
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Escorts expect their fee at the beginning of the meeting in cash inside an unsealed envelope. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please invite the lady to glance inside the envelope. To avoid any awkwardness and make this a speedy check, please use 50 or 100 dollar notes.

If you are a new client and intend to book with me for the first time from outside Singapore, I may ask for an advance down payment of $100 which may be used towards the booking. Which means you would only need to pay the balance.

Our rates are based on SGD. Our Terms are payment in full at the beginning of the meeting with the model of your choice. SGPRIVEESCORTS.COM organises only OUTCALL dates. Travel costs (train, taxis, airline tickets) are NOT included in our rates. Fees advertised for outcalls are for Central Singapore areas only. Traveling fees, including taxi charges, apply for appointments outside of Central Singapore, for all appointments ending after 11pm, and for all house calls. Charges will be dependent on timing, location. In general, it will be S$50.00. For all dates involving the model travelling outside her city of residence, we request 50% down payment in order to confirm the reservation by bank transfer, and the full travel expenses in advance if the travel is by plane. Balance has to be given in cash to the model on her arrival. In case of cancellation by you 24 hours before the meeting your advance will be kept including all travel expenses already paid. Cancellation 48 hours before meeting give you the right to be reimbursed except any travel cost already paid. In case of cancellation by the model due to unforeseeable circumstances (sickness, accident, etc), your advance will be 100% reimbursed via bank transfer.

If the booking is not within the next 24hrs you can email us with your real name, telephone number and email address, and we will contact you. We are extremely discreet and will only retain your contact details on request. No unsolicited contact will be made after your booking and we will arrange to contact you in the way that is most convenient to you.

If you are interested in booking a lady directly without agency, please contact an independent escort. The ladies choose to work with in order to avoid private contact prior to and after the date ~ just as you do. Please be a gentleman and do not bother our ladies with requests for their private number and/or (e)mail addresses, etc. Please be aware that my ladies will let me know of such occurrences.

I formally declare that we cannot be held responsible in any way for any kind of indiscretion which might arise from your private contacts (if any)to any of my escorts.

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SMS or Whatsapp or Email that we will not prioritize in responding.
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- "Who is available now", "Anyone available" or something along this line
Please understand that we do not have everyone sitting around waiting for appointments. Our ladies require time to get ready and need time to travel to meet you. Even if anyone is available immediately, she may not be your preferred choice of escort. We strongly suggest that you go through our website to make your selections.

- "Now. Bugis area"
When we ask for preferred timing and location, "Now, Bugis area" can't do. None of my ladies are ever ready like "Now". We all agree that Singapore is a small island, still, commuting time, location and traffic situation must be taken into consideration.

- "How much?", "What's her pricing"
You are engaging an escort service, a question like that sounds offensive. Nevertheless, rates are published on the web. We do not see how serious are you if you do not even go through the details before texting.

Methods of Payment

CASH: SGD preferred. EUR, GBP, AUS and USD at daily exchange rates. BANK TRANSFER: SWIFT international order to our bank account. Our bank details will be transmitted by email.

Cancellation Conditions

If on her arrival the escort is clearly not suitable for you, you have the right to cancel the date within the first 10 minutes by calling the agency or by asking the escort to call the agency in your presence. For such cases, we will ask you to cover only the effective travel costs ($50) in compensation for dates in the town area.

Should the escort wish to cancel the date for whatever reasons she is entirely free to do so. She would usually inform the agency immediately and in your presence.

Prior contact over the phone with an escort is not possible. Of course we will pass your requirements on to the girl you are about to see.

Inciting the escort in the consumption of illegal substances or too much alcohol is strictly forbidden. We would remind you that for the duration of her contracted services the escort is fully under your protection and care.

Filming or the taking of photographs of the escort is strictly forbidden, unless otherwise agreed upon with the agency on the escort’s behalf.

SGPRIVEESCORTS.COM is an internet-based high class escort, travel companions and events booking service agency. Our escorts do not offer any illegal or immoral services. The service we provide is marketing and arranging appointments for escort’s time and escorts are booked for social engagements or companionship only. Anything else that may happen is a matter of choice between two consenting adults.
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